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ResNetAdmin's blog

We know that the expansion that is coming for the world won’t come from a mind only approach. So we asked the question, in this new age what does intellect and logic look like?

One of the constructs we have created in life is that that the mind is dominant and the source of our experiences and reality. We have all supported the construct that the human mind creates reality – the black and white, the right and wrong – believing it as truth.

We all love the energy and creational capacity of Entrepreneurs. They create and unleash new concepts, products and businesses in ways that many of us dream of. Entrepreneurs passionately seek the more that is available. They focus on what is next and wanted and then with unrivalled drive and passion source and build business across many aspects of our lives.

They showcase the entrepreneurial spirit that is at the leading edge of generating the next new- a spirit that builds, creates, transforms and evolves. It inspires, expands and energizes us all, reminding us of our own deep desire to launch and create something different, our mark that makes an impact. It touches that part of us that knows anything is possible.

There is an urge for the new, for creating things differently. People everywhere are feeling it more and more. We collectively know that we can all stop focusing on what is not working and put energy to new creations that do it differently.

There is a strong sense of a new story emerging for all of us - a bigger game for the world where there is the freedom for collective genius and brilliance to break through into every aspect of life.

We are connected now in new and amazing ways that affect everything. We can connect to anyone anywhere. Old boundaries of how we reach out and see and experience the amazing diversity in the world have fallen away.

 Creating 2013 Beyond Prophecy ... by Soleira Green


It's 2013 ... a year beyond prophecy!  The years leading up to 2012 have been incredible as we increased vibrational frequency, reacquainted ourselves with our greater beings, and brought consciousness alive as a living, thriving, super connected, source presence within us all!

 By Ushmi Dosaja  

We as human beings live in the most interesting of times. The polarities of existence have never been so rife, technological tools are so advanced that the spiritual notions of interconnectivity and interdependence have been made real, if only through a Facebook account for some, and while corrupt leaders have been ousted from their seats and thrown into abandon, the other side of the scale shows the massive display of the indomitable human spirit at events such as the recent Paralympics in London. It is indeed a great time to be human.



The World of Energy by Soleira Green

There's a relationship to the brilliant sentiency inherent in the depths of all living things.  Deep, rich communication with all Life is there for the asking and rich meaning applies to the making of your life and its impact on our world.
Legends, myth and greatness stir you in this world -- taking the mundane into the magical and the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Resonant Networks is pleased to announce an affiliation with Resonant MindWorks, a company dedicated to your success in your professional life, business and personal interactions.

Peter Natterer, founder of the global community news blog “Resonant Networks” has now launched his affiliated company Resonant MindWorks in order to deliver customised NLP-based sales training for Sales Teams, Organisations, Sales Professionals and Sales Managers. Seen here

To much acclaim, Resonant MindWorks was launched in Feb 2012 with the first content seminar “NLP for Ethical Selling”, held in Melbourne, Australia.

With over 30 years of Sales experience from Retail, Wholesale, IT, Recruitment and the Financial sectors, Peter is now sharing his breadth of experience across many challenging environments with salespeople around the globe. Combining this with his NLP Practitioner training, has since made Peter Natterer a world sought sales trainer in 4 countries.

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